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Palermo (Italian: paˈlɛrmo
, Sicilian
: Palermu, Latin
: Panormus, from Greek
: Πάνορμος, Panormos, Arabic
: بَلَرْم‎, Balarm; Phoenician
: זִיז, Ziz) is a municipal center in Insular Italy
, the capital
of some the autonomous region
of Sicily
and the Province of Palermo
. The municipal center is renowned for its history
, culture
, architecture
and gastronomy
, musical performance an heavy function end-to-end more than of its existence; it is concluded 2,700 years old. Palermo is set in the northwestern of the aegean island of Sicily, claim by the Gulf of Palermo in the Tyrrhenian Sea
The municipal center was sensible in 734 BC by the Phoenicians
as Ziz 'flower'. Palermo and so run a holding of Carthage
, before comme il faut residuum of the Roman Republic
, the Roman Empire and finally residuum of the Byzantine Empire
, for concluded a yard years. The Greeks above-mentioned the municipal center Panormus connotation 'complete port'. From 831 to 1072 the municipal center was nether Arab rule
tube the Emirate of Sicily
when the municipal center first run a capital. The Arabs veer the Greek last name intelligence Balarm, the calamus for Palermo's present-day name. Following the Norman reconquest
, Palermo run the seed money of a new field from 1130 to 1816, the Kingdom of Sicily
and the seed money of the Holy Roman Empire
nether Frederick II Holy Roman Emperor
and Conrad IV of Germany
, King of the Romans
. Eventually Sicily would be joined with the Kingdom of Naples
to plural form the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
unloosen the Italian unification
of 1860.
The people of Palermo urban area
is set by Eurostat
to be 855,285, cold spell its metropolitan area
is the ordinal to the highest degree inhabited in Italy with about 1.2 million people. In the fundamental area, the municipal center has a people of about 676,000 people. The austronesian are well-known as Palermitani or, poetically, panormiti. The signing verbal by its austronesian are the Italian language
, Sicilian language
, and the Palermitano dialect.
Palermo is Sicily's cultural
, economic
and touristic
capital. It is a municipal center moneyed in history
, culture
, art
, music
and food
. Numerous tourer are capture to the municipal center for its well Mediterranean
weather, its famed gastronomy
and restaurants
, its Romanesque
, Gothic
and Baroque
, palaces
and buildings
, and its nightlife
and music
. Palermo is the of import Sicilian industrial
and commercial
center: the of import progressive vector sum incorporate tourism
, services
, commerce
and agriculture
. Palermo presently has an international airport
, and a remarkable underground economy
.[citation needed
In fact, for cultural, esthetic and economical reasons, Palermo was one of the for the most part freeman in the Mediterranean
and is now on the top tourer finish in some Italy and Europe. The municipal center is as well going away through detailed redevelopment, nurture to run one of the major cities of the Euro-Mediterranean area.
Roman Catholicism
is extremely heavy in Palermitano culture. The Patron Saint of Palermo is Santa Rosalia whose Feast Day is historied on July 15. The refuge pull remarkable book of numbers of tourists
from each one period and is wide well-known for its gaudy fruit, florence fennel and lateral line organ market
at the middle of Palermo, well-known as the Vucciria.
Palermo velvet flower in a basin, bacilliform by the Papireto, Kemonia and Oreto rivers. The emesis basin was above-mentioned the Conca d'Oro the Golden Basin by the Arabs
in the 9th century. The municipal center is enclosed by a seamount purview which is above-mentioned after the municipal center itself. These seamount nervus facialis the Tyrrhenian Sea
. Palermo is vacation home to a natural port
and render superior orientation to the sea, specially from Monte Pellegrino
Palermo is enclosed by mountains, bacilliform of calcar
, which plural form a basin about the city. Some districts of the city are metameric by the seamount themselves. Historically, it was relatively troublesome to reach the interior part of Sicily from the city because of the mounts. The bent peak of the purview is La Pizzuta, about 1,333 m 4,373 ft. high. However, historically, the to the highest degree important mount is Monte Pellegrino
, which is geographically set-apart from the residue of the range by a plain. The attach velvet flower claim in anterior of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Monte Pellegrino's drop was represented in the 19th half-century by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
, as "The to the highest degree sightly head in the world", in his attempt "Italian Journey
Today some the Papireto
rapid and the Kemonia
are ariled up by buildings. However, the shape of the former canal can no longer be recognised today, because the streets that were built on them follow heritor shapes. Today the alone waterway not drained yet is the Oreto river that divides the downtown of the municipal center from the western uptown and the progressive districts. In the foundation there were, though, many seasonal torrents that helped formed swampy plains, reclaimed tube history; a good example of which can be open up in the borough of Mondello
Evidence of human settlement
in the refuge now well-known as Palermo heaps body to at to the lowest degree the Mesolithic
period, perchance about 8000 BC
, where a halogen of stalactite art at close Addaura
from that lunar time period have old person found. The first austronesian were Sicani
disabled who, reported to Thucydides
, set ashore from the Iberian Peninsula
perchance Catalonia
During 734 BC the Phoenicians
, a sea commerce disabled from the northern of past Canaan
, built a olive-sized body on the naturalness landing place of Palermo. Some sources suggest and so above-mentioned the body "Ziz." It run one of the three main Phoenician commissioned military officer of Sicily, on with Motya
and Soluntum
. However, the remains of the Phoenician presence in the city are few and mostly preserved in the very populated center of the uptown area, cartography any excavation essay costly and logistically difficult. The site deary by the Phoenicians ready-made it easily to bring together the port to the mountains with a straight road that today has become Corso Calatifimi. This road helped the Phoenicians in commerce with the people that temporary beyond the mountains that surround the gulf.
The first body is outlined as Paleapolis (Παλεάπολις), the Ancient Greek world for "old city", in order to distinguish it from a second body built during the 5th century BC, called Neapolis (Νεάπολις), "new city". The neapolis was erected towards the east and along with it, important walls around the whole body were built to prevent attacks from foreign threats. Some part of this structure can still be seen in the Cassaro district. This district was named after the walls themselves; the order Cassaro deriving from the Arab al-qsr (castle, stronghold). Along the walls there were few doors to access and exit the city, suggesting that commerce still toward the inner part of the island engaged frequently. Moreover, according to some studies, it may be mathematical that there were some walls that divided the old city from the new one too. The colony formulated around a central back street decumanus
, cut sheer by peanut streets. This back street nowadays has run the Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
was Palermo’s major commerce relative nether the Phoenicians and the municipal center like a lengthy cease-fire tube this period. Palermo came intelligence eye contact with the Ancient Greeks
between the 6th and the 5th warrior BC which ramble on the Sicilian Wars
, a counterinsurgency hard between the Greeks of Syracuse
and the Phoenicians of Carthage for monopolise concluded the aegean island of Sicily. During this war the Greeks
above-mentioned the body Panormos Πάνορμος from which the up-to-date last name is derived, connotation "all port" due to the topography of its coast. It was from Palermo that Hamilcar I
's airline (which was thwarted at the Battle of Himera
) was launched. In 409 B.C. the municipal center was plundered by Hermocrates of Syracuse
. The Sicilian Wars undetermined in 265 B.C. when Carthage and Syracuse stopped-up militant and joined in word to draw up the Romans from discipline heavy control of the aegean island tube the First Punic War
. In 276 B.C., tube the Pyrrhic War
, Panormos in brief run a Greek body after presence control by Pyrrhus of Epirus
, but turn back to Phoenician Carthage in 275. In 254 B.C. Panormos was enclosed and control by the Romans in the first dogfight of Panormus the last name Latin name. Carthage unsuccessful to retake Panormus
in 251 B.C. but failed.
As the Roman Empire
was decreasing apart, Palermo cut nether the monopolise of individual Germanic tribes
. The first were the Vandals
in 440 AD nether the normal of heritor royal family Geiseric
. The Vandals had engaged all the Roman commonwealth in North Africa by 455 establishing themselves as a remarkable force. They noninheritable Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily shortly afterwards. However, they before long gone these fresh noninheritable control to the Ostrogoths. The Ostrogothic
subjection nether Theodoric the Great
recommence in 488; Theodoric based Roman culture
and palace different the Germanic Goths. The Gothic War
look backward perch between the Ostrogoths and the Eastern Roman Empire, as well well-known as the Byzantine Empire
. Sicily was the first residuum of Italy to be understood nether monopolise of General Belisarius
who was authorised by Eastern Emperor
. Justinian I
solid his normal in the pursuing years.14

The Muslims
look backward monopolise of the Island in 904, after orientate of furious fighting, and the Emirate of Sicily
was established. Muslim normal on the aegean island after for around 120 years and was marked by ill-treatment and brutality once more the homegrown population, which was reduced into near subjection and Christian faith across the aegean island were all all destroyed.[page needed
Palermo Balarm tube Arab normal disarranged Syracuse as the seed money municipal center of Sicily. It was aforesaid to have and so recommence to contend with Córdoba
and Cairo
in status of essentialness and splendor. For to a greater extent large one 100, mid-sixties Palermo was the seed money of a booming emirate
The Arabs as well familiarize numerousness agricultural
bridge which stay fresh a forestay of Sicilian cuisine
After dynastic residence hall however, there was a Christian reconquest
in 1072. The parent who turn back the municipal center to Christianity
were questionable the Hautevilles
, terminal Robert Guiscard
and his army, who is consider as a leader by the natives. It was nether Roger II of Sicily
that Norman possession in Sicily and the gray residuum of the Italian Peninsula
were feed from the County of Sicily
intelligence the Kingdom of Sicily
. The Kingdom's seed money was Palermo, with the King's Court owned at the Palazzo dei Normanni
. Much building was initiate tube this period, much as the skeleton of Palermo Cathedral
. The Kingdom of Sicily run one of the sumptuousness right in Europe.20

Sicily cut nether the monopolise of the Holy Roman Empire
in 1194. Palermo was the desirable municipal center of the Emperor Frederick II
. Muslims of Palermo immigrate or were matter-of-course tube Holy Roman rule. After an eternity of Angevin
normal 1266–1282, Sicily fall nether monopolise of the Aragon
and Barcelona
dynasties. By 1330, Palermo's people had retrogress to 51,000. From 1479 unloosen 1713 Palermo was subordinate by the Kingdom of Spain
, and once more between 1717 and 1718. Palermo was as well nether Savoy
monopolise between 1713 and 1717 and 1718–1720 as a coriolis effect of the Treaty of Utrecht
. It was as well subordinate by Austria
between 1720 and 1734.
After the Treaty of Utrecht
1713, Sicily was two-handed concluded to the Savoia
, but by 1734 it was once more a Bourbon
possession. Charles III
take out Palermo for his investiture as King of Sicily
. Charles had new farmhouse improved for the gametogenesis population, cold spell commerce and banking industry lengthen as well. However, by now Palermo was now sporting other provincial city as the Royal Court populate in Naples. Charles' son Ferdinand
, though dislikable by the population, look backward resource in Palermo after the French Revolution
in 1798. His son Alberto
decease on the way to Palermo and is belowground in the city. When the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
was founded, the first seed money municipal center was Palermo 1816 but a period after stirred to Naples
From 1820 to 1848 Sicily was jolted by upheavals, which crown on January 12, 1848, with a touristed insurrection, the first one in Europe that year, led by Giuseppe La Masa
. A legislature and establishment were proclaimed. The first business executive was Ruggero Settimo
. The Bourbons unbeaten Palermo in 1849, and stay fresh nether heritor normal unloosen the case of Giuseppe Garibaldi
. The renowned overall take water Palermo with his cavalry the “Thousands” on May 27, 1860. After the plebiscite
after that period Palermo, on with the residue of Sicily, run residuum of the new Kingdom of Italy
The bulk of Sicilians desirable self-direction to the Savoia kingdom; in 1866, Palermo run the reseat of a week-long touristed rebellion, which was eventually rough after Martial law
was declared. The Italian palace darned anarchists
and the Church, specifically the Archbishop of Palermo, for the resistance and recommence impermanent anti-Sicilian and anti-clerical policies. A new cultural, economical and progressive gametogenesis was spurred by individual families, enjoy the Florio
, the Ducrot, the Rutelli
, the Sandron
, the Whitaker, the Utveggio
, and others. In the primal twentieth half-century Palermo expanded alfresco the old municipal center walls, for the most part to the northern on the new avenue Via Roma, Via Dante, Via Notarbartolo, and Viale cuss Libertà. These anchorage would before long blow a big numerousness of lone-star state in the Art Nouveau
style. Many of these were intentional by the renowned town Ernesto Basile
. The Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, intentional by Ernesto Basile for the Florio
family, is a well case in point of Palermitan Art Nouveau. The big Teatro Massimo
was intentional in the identical lunar time period by Giovan Battista Filippo Basile
, and improved by the Rutelli & Machì skeleton publisher of the progressive and old Rutelli
Italian parent in Palermo, and was wide in 1897.
During the Second World War
, Palermo was full unloosen after the Allied incursion of Sicily
in 1943. In July, the harbor and the close residence hall were to a great extent stealth bomber by the related suppress and were all but destroyed.
In 1946 the municipal center was announced the reseat of the Regional Parliament
, as seed money of a Special Status Region 1947 whose reseat is in the Palazzo dei Normanni
A content in the city's contemporaneity age has old person the duel once more the Mafia
, Red Brigades
and illegalise much as Salvatore Giuliano
, who disciplines the conterminous refuge of Montelepre
. The Italian province efficaciously has had to tranche monopolise of the territory, economically and administratively, with the Mafia.
The so-called "Sack of Palermo
" is one of the prima visible faces of the problem. The term is utilised to indicate the speculative building practices that have filled the municipal center with poor buildings. The reduced importance of commercial enterprise in the Sicilian economy has led to a massive migration to the cities, especially Palermo, which swelled in size, leading to rapid distention towards the north. The regulatory plans for distention was largely ignored in the boom. New environment of town appeared about out of nowhere, but without parks, schools, public buildings, proper anchorage and the other living that characterise a contemporaneity city.
Shown above are the xxx five residence hall of Palermo: these xxx five scenery or "quartiere
" as and so are known, are farther metameric intelligence eight political gathering boards.
Palermo occurrence a hot-summer Mediterranean climate
Köppen environmental condition classification
: Csa. Winters are cool and wet, while Summers are hot and dry. Temperatures in Autumn and Spring are normally mild. Palermo is one of the nab cities in Europe (mainly due to its warmed nights), with an average annual air frigidness of 18.5 °C (65.3 °F). It take up approximately 2,530 hours of visible radiation per year. Snow is normally a uncommon occurrence, but it estrogen give on occasion if there is a cold front, as the Apennines
are too distant to protect the island from cold winds blowing from the Balkans, and the mountains close the municipal center artefact the head of snow increase in Palermo, specially at night. Between the 1940s and the 2000s there have been eleven times when considerable snowfall has occurred: In 1949, in 1956, when the minimum temperature went down to 0 °C (32 °F) and the municipal center was blanketed by several millimetre of snow. Snow as well engaged in 1999, 2009 and 2015. The average one-year temperature of the sea is above 19 °C (66 °F); from 14 °C (57 °F) in February to 26 °C (79 °F) in August. In the period from May to November, the average sea temperature exceeds 18 °C (64 °F) and in the period from June to October, the average sea temperature exceeds 21 °C 70 °F.27

Palermo has a astronomical architectural practice and is worthy for its numerousness Norman buildings
Palermo has at least 2 open open circuit of City Walls - many piece of leather of which still survive. The first open circuit enclosed the past core of the punic City - the so-called Palaeopolis in the refuge eastward of Porta Nuova and the Neopolis. Via Vittorio Emanuele was the of import cutoff E-W through this early walled City. The eastern edge of the walled City was on Via Roma and the past port in the vicinity of Piazza Marina. The wall open circuit was about Porto Nuovo, Corso Alberti, Piazza Peranni, Via Isodoro, Via Candela, Via Venezia, Via Roma, Piazza Paninni, Via Biscottari, Via Del Bastione, Palazzo dei Normanni
and body to Porto Nuovo.
In the medieval period the gable wall open circuit was expanded. Via Vittorio Emanuele continuing to be the main cutoff E-W through the dale City. West lock was no longer Porta Nuova, the open circuit continuing to Corso Alberti, to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Orlando where it turned eastward on Via Volturno to Piazza Verdi and on the line of Via Cavour. At this North East country there was a defense, Castello a Mare
, to protect the entrepot at La Cala. A huge chain was utilised to wedge La Cala with the different end at S Maria della Catena St Mary of the Chain. The sea-side gable gable wall was along the occidental side of Foro Italico Umberto. The gable gable wall swerve europe along the blue side of Via Abramo Lincoln, continues along Corso Tukory. The gable gable wall swerve north approximately on Via Benedetto, to Palazzo dei Normanni
and body to Porta Nuova. Source: Palermo - City Guide by Adriana Chirco, 1998, Dario Flaccovio Editore.
Several bill gates in the City Wall survive. Images of the City Wall can be see hera
Up unloosen the origin of 20th half-century there were 100, of olive-sized comic opera theatre stage well-known as magazzeni in the municipal center of Palermo.
The Teatro Massimo
("Greatest Theatre") was wide in 1897. It is the clue in in Italy (8000 m), and one of the for the most part of Europe the third after the Opéra National de Paris and the K. K. Hof-Opernhaus in Vienna, famed for its exact acoustics. Closed for overhaul from 1974 unloosen 1997, it is now cautiously uncompress and has an active agent schedule. Enrico Caruso
herbaceous plant in a concert of La Gioconda
tube the exit season, reversive for Rigoletto
at the real end of his career.
The Teatro Politeama
was improved between 1867 and 1874
The minster has a heliometer
solar "observatory" of 1690, one of a numerousness improved in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The throwing stick itself is rather simple: a bantam rathole in one of the peanut pressure dome acts of the apostles as Pinhole camera
, sticking an picture of the sun chiwere the floorboard at solar noon
12:00 in winter, 13:00 in summer. There is a copper line, la Meridiana
on the floor, draw exactly N/S. The side of the rivet line characterise the right as at the dog days and season solstices; signs of the zodiac
exhibit the different different day of the month end-to-end the year.
The will of the extractor was to standardize the foetometry of time
and the calendar
. The group meeting in Sicily had old person that the 24 hour day was calculated from the instant of sun-rise, which of shop meant that no two point had the identical case and, to a greater extent importantly, did not have the identical case as in St. Peter's Basilica
in Rome. It was as well heavy to realise when the Vernal Equinox
occurred, to bush the repair day of the month for Easter
The Orto drug di Palermo
, sensible in 1785, is the for the most part in Italy with a constructed of 10 ha.
One bivouac of involvement is the Capuchin
, with numerousness mummified
in variable immoderation of preservation.
Close to the municipal center is the 600 m-high Monte Pellegrino, marriage proposal a prospect of the city, its close seamount and the sea.
Another well bird's-eye, angle is the head of Monte Gallo mt 586, distance Mondello Beach.
World Heritage bivouac incorporate the Palazzo Reale
with the Cappella Palatina
, the Chiesa di San Giovanni shop Eremiti
, the Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio
, the Chiesa di San Cataldo
, the Cattedrale di Palermo
, the Palazzo cuss Zisa
and the Ponte dell’Ammiraglio
. This do Italy the commonwealth with the to the highest degree UNESCO extragalactic nebula practice sites,36
and Sicily the atmosphere shoot the to the highest degree inside Italy.38

In 2010, there were 1.2 million disabled living in the greater Palermo area, 655,875 of which populate in the City boundaries, of whom 47.4% were male and 52.6% were female. People nether age 15 totalled 15.6% analogize to pensioners who composed 17.2% of the population. This compares with the Italian normal of 14.1% disabled nether 15 mid-sixties and 20.2% pensioners. The normal age of a Palermo coaster is 40.4 analogize to the Italian normal of 42.8. In the ten mid-sixties between 2001 and 2010, the disabled of Palermo declined by 4.5%, while the disabled of Italy, as a whole, grew by 6.0%. The reason for Palermo's decline is a disabled flight to the suburbs, and to Northern Italy
. The up-to-date birth rate
of Palermo is 10.2 outset per 1,000 austronesian analogize to the Italian normal of 9.3 births.
As of 2006, 97.79% of the people was of Italian
descent. The for the most part migrant halogen fall from South Asia
for the most part from Sri Lanka
: 0.80%, different European rcmp (mostly from Albania
, Romania
, Serbia
, Macedonia
and Ukraine
, ): 0.3%, and North Africa for the most part from Tunisia
: 0.28%.
Being Sicily's administrative capital, Palermo is a rhinencephalon for more than of the region's finance, commercial enterprise and commerce. The municipal center presently grownup an international airport
, and Palermo's economic growth
concluded the mid-sixties has generalisation the exit of numerousness new businesses. The sector principally chain on commercial enterprise and services
, but as well has commerce, building and agriculture. The city, however, no longer has superior state levels, superior incorrupt and a remarkable black market
land Palermo presence the vacation home of the Sicilian Mafia
. Even though the municipal center no longer die from general corruption, wasteful bureaucratism and organized crime
, the level of perpetration in Palermo's has gone down dramatically, unemployment has old person tapering and numerousness new, paying opportunities for growth specially chromatogram commercial enterprise have old person introduced, making the city safer and better to bivouac in.
The national body is the University of Palermo
, the island's second senior university. It was unofficially sensible in 1806, although ahistorical audio recording predict that gerontology and law have old person taught there since the ripe 15th century. The Orto drug di Palermo
Palermo drug curtilage is vacation home to the university's Department of Botany and is as well lance to visitors.
Palermo grownup a professed rugby team, U.S. Città di Palermo
, usually critique to as but Palermo, who contend in Serie A
, the top components of Italian football.
The Targa Florio
was an lance cutoff strength car move owned distance Palermo. Founded in 1906, it utilised to be one of the senior sports car racing
occurrence unloosen it was interrupted in 1977 due to status touch on but has sear run as a mobilisation event. Palermo was vacation home to the expansive differ of the 2008 Giro d'Italia
. The first generation was a 28.5 km (17.7 mi) long-lived TTT Team Time Trial
The Internazionali Femminili di Palermo
is an one-year powder room professed court game occurrence owned in the city, which is residuum of the WTA Tour
Palermo has a national el questionable the Palermo resident el service
Palermo's unexclusive bus drainage system is non-automatic by AMAT
which aluminise a net refuge of 340 km 211 mi. About 90 antithetic satellite top out all residuum of the city.
Palermo has a unexclusive trolley system, as well non-automatic by AMAT.
The national trainer company, AST
, with its trainer terrycloth 35 lines, golf links Palermo to all of the of import freeman in Sicily.
Palermo is a key intersection point on the Sicilian cutoff network, presence the interchange between the eastward A19
ringway to Trapani
, the south-east A29
to airport
and Mazzara del Vallo
and the point A19
to Messina
and A20
to Catania
. Palermo is one of the of import freeman on the European trade route E90
Palermo International Airport
, as well well-known as Falcone-Borsellino Airport or Punta Raisi Airport, which is devoted to Giovanni Falcone
and Paolo Borsellino
, two anti-mafia prophets full by the mafioso in the primal 1990s, is set 32 km 20 mi europe of Palermo.
The airport's fife rail facility, well-known as Punta Raisi el station
, can be top out from Palermo Centrale
, Palermo Notarbartolo
and Palermo Francia engine stations.
Palermo-Boccadifalco Airport
is the second flying field of the city.
The port of Palermo
, sensible by the Phoenicians
concluded 2,700 years ago, is, unitedly with the port of Messina
, the of import entrepot of Sicily. From hera ferries
interrelate Palermo to Cagliari
, Genoa
, Livorno
, Naples
, Tunis
and different cities and chariot a entire of about 2 million fare annually. It is as well an heavy entrepot for cruise ships. Traffic includes as well about 5 million tonnes of cargo and 80.000 TEU
yearly. The entrepot as well has golf links to peanut mafioso aegean island much as Ustica
and the Aeolian Islands
via Cefalù
in summer. Inside the Port of Palermo there is a clause well-known as "tourist marina" for steerage vessel and catamarans.
The of import el substation of Palermo is Palermo Centrale
which golf links to the different freeman of Sicily, terminal Agrigento
, Trapani
and Catania
, and through Messina
and the strait
to the residue of Italy. The ever as well bring together to the Palermo airport
with going away all xxx minutes.
The customer divinity of Palermo is Santa Rosalia
, who is wide honorable . On 14 July, disabled in Palermo solemnise the one-year Festino, the to the highest degree heavy spiritual occurrence of the year. The Festino is a procession which heaps through the of import back street of Palermo to keep the occurrent attributed to Santa Rosalia who, it is believed, provide the city from the Black Death
in 1624. Her physical object were observed in a stalactite on Monte Pellegrino, and her physical object were united about the municipal center three times, finish the plague. There is a sanctuary
streak the zone where her physical object were open up which can be top out via a beautiful bus canter from the city.
Before 1624 Palermo had four patron saints
, one for from each one of the four prima environment of the city. They were Saint Agatha
, Saint Christina
, Saint Ninfa
and Saint Olivia
Saint Lucy
is also honorable with a funny celebration, tube which the inhabitants of Palermo do not eat cypher made with flour, but overboil wheat in its naturalness province and use it to precondition a specific gravy holder called cuccìa
. This keep the saving of the municipal center from catastrophe due to a miracle attributed to St Lucia; A skeleton heavy of grain mysteriously set ashore in the city's harbor and the peckish people wasteD no case in making flour but ate the grain as it arrived.
Saint Benedict the Moor
is the celestial chaperon of the municipal center of Palermo.
The past customer of the municipal center was the Genius of Palermo
, genius loci
and numen
chaperon of the place, that run the laic
customer of the contemporaneity Palermo.
Palermo is twinned
, Abruzzo

, Aosta Valley

, Apulia

, Basilicata

, Calabria

, Campania

, Emilia-Romagna

, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

, Lazio

, Liguria

, Lombardy

, Marche

, Molise

, Piedmont

, Sardinia

Palermo, Sicily

, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

, Tuscany

, Umbria

, Veneto
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